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John Chuckman


“The Russians can’t change us, or significantly weaken us. They are a smaller country, they are a weaker country…”

And you wonder why Obama thinks Russia hacked the DNC?

Or stole Crimea?

Or interfered in Syria?

In recent months, Obama has actually revealed what a mediocre intellect he has, in addition to his character and personality flaws.

He really is not all that intelligent, not really up to what the leader of so powerful a country should be.

Bill Clinton was quoted some years back in comments about “Obama just not having it,” and, I don’t like saying so, but he was clearly right. I thought Clinton wrong and nasty at the time, but he was correct.

Obama has always had a reputation for taciturnity and secretiveness.

When he was a lecturer at University of Chicago – a lecturer, never a professor – other people in the faculty commented on his not socializing at all. Faculty members made some effort, but he remained elusive as I’ve read from one of them.

His degrees from distinguished universities almost certainly reflect long-term policies in such American institutions to accept a quota of applicants whose academic achievement is not fully competitive simply because they belong to minorities, especially blacks.

They do the same thing in reverse on a limited scale: children of wealthy, influential families are admitted and even passed without meeting requirements. George Bush was an outstanding example, a genuinely dull-minded man with a really “connected” family. Of course, in return places like Yale later expect handsome endowments later.

I suggest that Obama’s behavior as a lecturer was part of a lifelong hiding from revealing his inadequacy. He is reasonably bright, but just not bright enough to have been doing what he was doing and, of course, what he is doing now.

The suspicion is further confirmed by his reputation for severely hating leaks and whistleblowers. He is said to be one of the most severe-minded Presidents on this issue.

He also generally has quiet little family suppers at the White House too. He is known for not being fond of the big dinners with lots of distinguished guests.

As the old saying goes, history is biography.

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