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John Chuckman



The unlikely encounter between the former president and a newspaper editor happened in a New York book shop and had Bill Clinton saying: “FBI Director James Comey ‘cost’ Hillary the presidential election”



Would that be in the same sense of the words as used to describe Bill’s utterly corrupt planned private assault on Attorney General Loretta Lynch while her plane waited on the tarmac of the Phoenix Airport some while back?

That happened just as the FBI was looking into the matters of Hillary’s use of private servers, Loretta Lynch being the FBI Director’s direct boss and also being an Obama appointee.

Nothing with the Clintons happens by accident.

This was a created event to plant a story which The Independent reports as genuine news.


Now, there’s a likely man to quote, Bill Clinton.

The kind of guy who was having sexual encounters in the Oval Office with a young intern.

And who lied about it countless times.

The guy who bombed Belgrade, a genuine war crime.

The guy whose FBI attacked the kooks in Waco with tanks and incinerated all 80 or so of them, including children.The guy who learned quickly about the horrors of Rwanda and ordered complete silence on the subject, who never lifted a finger to stop it.

The guy who appointed the hideous neocon, Madeleine Albright, as Secretary of State. She is most famous for her quote on a television interview. When asked about tens of thousands of Iraqi children dying under the embargo, she unblinkingly relied, “We think it is worth it.”

The guy who is such a buddy of convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein. Jeffrey, a billionaire with big money connections, actually assisted in setting up the crooked operation called the Clinton Foundation, which has served ever since as a kind of money machine paying out to the Clintons.

Jeffrey is famous for keeping a stable of underage girls for the use of visitors to his private island. Bill is recorded on flights logs of Jeffrey’s private jet as visiting 28 times.

Jeffrey and friends also helped secure the Clintons’ current dominance of the national Democratic Party, a dominance they hold owing entirely to the floods of money they bring in.

Bill Clinton’s corruption is as deep and complete as Hillary’s.


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