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John Chuckman



Good God, this is beyond vomit-inducing.

Bill would have us see Hillary heroically battling titanic forces of evil, but going down bravely in the struggle because the monsters were just too much for the hero of the story.

Bill has been a liar all of his life, but this has to be the great white whale of all his tales.

Of course, if you want to understand why he is trying so hard, you have to know a bit about the relationship between these two twisted and corrupt people.

Many witnesses have told tales of Hillary raving at him, throwing objects at him, and becoming incoherently angry over the years.

Well, he doesn’t live with her, but they do need to see each other sometimes about their many shared interests, like going to the cash dispenser of the ATM called the Clinton Foundation or coordinating their stories for avoiding taxes or other obligations.

I am sure he is trying desperately to avoid having his head caved in one of these days after virtually running her failed campaign and after all those years of arousing her fury with his endless sexual predation.

After all, she put up with all his decades of crap just to have power over him both in the governor’s mansion and in the White House, often effectively making decisions, albeit bad ones, and to eventually slide into the political driver’s seat as the sun set on his term.

And then to have what she so lusted after be snatched away.

They surely stand as one of the most bizarre couples in American history.

Further thought. This deliberate conflating of the FBI’s legitimate investigations of Hillary as Secretary of State and a fantasy tale of Russian hacking is wrong on many levels, and an intelligent man like Bill Clinton well knows that it is, yet he proceeds to retail it everywhere as valid information.

They have nothing to do with each other. The FBI was right to investigate when evidence appeared, and the only accurate criticism of their efforts is that they did not press a sound case.

There would, of course, have been none of this controversy had Hillary not broken numerous federal laws with her well-known shady practices as Secretary of State. That, of course, is the key fact the Clinton’s would have everyone lose sight of, Hillary’s arrogant disregard for rules and ethics in high office.

The business of Russian hacking is not only a red herring, it is a deliberate and unscrupulous use of old 1950s’ suspicions and fears about the Russians for the Clintons’ own benefit, damaging international relations for personal benefit. In other words, it represents yet more irresponsible Clinton behavior.

Furthermore, even were the tale true, it is irrelevant. Insider tidbits about shady inner workings of a political party are not state secrets. They are investigative reporting.

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