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John Chuckman



Syria was treated in this horrible fashion for largely one reason.

America has been creating for years a kind of cordon sanitaire around its Middle East colony, Israel.

That’s what the illegal invasion and virtual destruction of Iraq was about.

America did not want to take the international pressure against another blatant invasion, so it selected this terrorist-horror in Syria.

It had some willing local partners to assist: Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Turkey. Also included was assistance from several NATO allies such as Britain and France.

A terrible shameful history of events made all the more shameful for being led by the Nobel-winning, first black man to be President.

This effort included the destruction of Libya and the killing of a man who had been a good leader for his people.

It includes the Saudi horrors inflicted on Yemen.

And it includes the coup which ended Egypt’s only democratic government and the re-installation of a dictator.

If there is one thing Israel seriously dislikes, it is either democracies or independent-minded leaders anywhere near its borders.


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