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John Chuckman



Christmas Memo to Theresa May: Stop worshipping Israel, learn the ugly truth … and find a new speechwriter!

Yes, but all May does is to continue along the course established by Tony Blair and very much continued by David Blair.

Israeli influence over UK governments now is pretty much on a level with its influence in the United States.

And it has little to do with genuine sympathies or common views or concerns for democracy and rights.

It has to do with the whole complex system of rewards and punishments maintained by the Israel Lobby.

Rewards, as in good press coverage and generous campaign contributions.

Punishments, as in the threat of nasty press coverage and generous contributions for your opponents.

I believe, in Britain, Tony Blair was the first to totally buy into the efforts. After all,this disgusting man’s support for the destruction of Iraq, killing hundreds of thousands, had to do with this very matter.

Cameron’s secret support for the horrors of Syria was more of the same.

All these bloody efforts and more are part of the American effort to create the birth of a new Middle East, Washington’s term to describe the creation of a blood-drenched cordon sanitaire around its nasty little Mideast colony – the colony and the efforts going towards it being the root cause of all the bloody Neocon wars in the Mideast.

It does take a real leader to stand up against such pressures, but real leaders are always scarce and, right now, we have absolutely none of them.

France’s President Hollande was even worse, although now his grotesque bowing and scraping and universally ineffectual efforts in everything have knocked him out of politics.

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