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John Chuckman



The CIA came to mind for me, too, with news of the Russian Ambassador’s death in Turkey.

Of course, it is completely plausible.

Such a thing should not be plausible for a country such as America laying claims to democratic and human rights, but we all know, to America’s great shame, that it is plausible. America’s ugly history of dark acts makes it so.

The picture accompanying the article shows an event whose CIA connections have never been explored adequately, and certainly never will be, the Kennedy Assassination.

Of course, Turkey has its own motives for making charges which could be false.

Nevertheless, CIA was unquestionably involved in the failed Turkish coup, and its blunders have done the opposite of what was desired by bringing Turkey and Russia closer together. Were it not so, the CIA would have warned Erdogan of the unfolding coup rather than President Putin.

And ultimately Russian gas into Europe, something CIA and State Department have opposed for decades, will increase under the new Russian–Turkish relationship.

Efforts to disrupt such developments are what the psychopaths of CIA’s clandestine operations regard as attractive opportunities.

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