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John Chuckman


“Israel Abandoned by US to Most Hostile Enemies” Israeli Minister Yoav Galant

Please, first, they are only hostile because Israel behaves like a mafia state much of the time.

What else do you call it when a state actually regularly steals the property of neighbors? And passes spurious laws to allow it to do so?

And that theft is on top of constant abuse and mistreatment of millions who have no rights and no votes and constant threats and arrests and killings.

Considering its miniscule size, it is pretty accurate to call Israel the least law-abiding country on earth.

Nice to see, on just one matter of an outrageous new law, that the world’s powers have said “no” about something to the gang of thugs running Israel. And America for once has abstained from, rather than vetoed, a fair and moderate Security Council Resolution.

And the claim that Israel has been “abandoned” is so ridiculous, it could make people fall on their knees, doubled-up in laughter, much as with some of Hillary Clinton’s most “Twilight Zone” claims.

One abstention in one UN vote is abandonment? A completely just issue being voted too.

Israel just received a 10-year assistance package for 38 billion dollars (yes, that’s with a “b”) – an astounding amount of money, and it is more, immensely more, than America gives any other state, including many genuinely needy ones.

And that’s only the beginning of what this resource-eating, black hole of a country receives.

For example, it just was voted another 600 million dollars for its “iron dome” defense system.

And it receives countless privileges, week-in and week-out, from ease of access to free trade to technology transfers.

The Israeli Minister sounds very much like an unpleasant child who throws a fit over not getting two ponies for Christmas.


Response to another reader’s comment in The Independent:

Israel a beacon in the region?

You’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid.

Israel’s influence is the cause of much of the Mideast’s horrors.

The worst anti-democratic governments there are Israel’s close friends.

Israel, like Saudi Arabia, is repulsed by the very idea of real democracy or equal human rights anywhere near its borders.

Six million people have been held for over half a century with no votes and no rights and not even allowed integrity of property ownership.

Well, the USSR truly was never worse than that.

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