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John Chuckman



Retaliation for what?

The world’s once doing one, little, tiny thing right about Israel’s grotesque policies and laws around state theft of homes and farms?

What a bizarre view of the world and of ethics Israel has.

They steal other people’s homes and farms and pass criminal law to justify it.

And they simply can’t stand it if anyone notices what they are doing and says that it is illegal, which, of course, it is.

But it is the big, bad ugly world out there who, just for reminding them of the wrong they do, requires retaliation.

The foundation of modern Israel has been a nightmare none of us will recover from. It is a constant source of visible injustice and terror, but we are not supposed to say a word because – and this makes so much sense to any logical person – an entirely different people in an entirely different land in a different continent treated Jews horribly three-quarters of a century ago.

We must tolerate watching 6 million people held for more than half a century with no rights, no votes, no hope, and endless abuse. They, in fact, live a form of living death that I’m not sure isn’t just about as hideous as what was done in that other place by that other people long ago.

They suffer threats and restrictions and periodic outbursts of horrible violence at the hands of the thugs running modern Israel.

And, on top of it all, the miserable Palestinians can’t even enjoy the simple security of home ownership, the thugs deciding periodically to reach out and seize more.

Would any of us tolerate that kind of behavior in our own lands? Of course not. It is the absolute essence of the absence of the rule of law, genuine law, not the kind of sets of twisted words Israel regularly cobbles together and calls law.

I really do not think the old USSR at the worst period of its history, behaved in any more terrible fashion than what we see today in Israel, that supposed beacon in the Middle East as its apologists like calling it.

And this all done hiding behind the protective skirts of Mommy, Mommy in the form of a brutal, contemporary America, an imperial power which has killed at least two million people in the last 15 years or so of the Neocon Wars, wars largely inflicted for Israel’s benefit.


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