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John Chuckman



The outgoing US President said Mr Corbyn is to the left of Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders. He also said the Democrats will not disintegrate like Corbyn’s Labour Party.


 Why in God’s name is The Independent quoting Obama about the nature of a British leader?

I would think a British paper would avoid doing so if only for the reason that Obama’s words intrude into Britain’s internal affairs.

It is none of his business, and even more so now that is leaving office soon.

I think this is called an effort at “poisoning the well.”

And isn’t that just so interesting coming, as it does, from a man who for weeks has made unsubstantiated accusations about Russia having interfered in an American election, of course echoing the voice of the record-setting sore loser he supported?

But a British paper should be ashamed also because Obama has been almost nothing but wrong for eight solid years – wrong about nearly everything from his bloody rampage through the Middle East and his industrial-scale enterprise in extrajudicial killing to his asinine stunt of flying around America in Air Force One at public expense to campaign for Hillary Clinton, the most corrupt person ever nominated by a major American political party.


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