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John Chuckman



Response to Another reader’s comment: “Did Muslims kill millions around the world? did Muslims started all these conflicts? did Muslims turn millions in to refugees?  Are Muslims occupying other people’s lands? did Muslims invade?”

People in general just do not grasp this basic fact.


Consider the “news source” you are reading.

Does anyone think it ever once ran a true story on Iraq or Syria or Libya or Iran or, indeed, Israel? Or on ISIS or al-Nusrah or al Qaeda?

Also on Bush or Blair or Cameron or Trump or Corbyn or Clinton or even Brexit?

There has been a continuous deluge of propaganda and misinformation for 15 years of the Neocon Wars.

The Independent, The Guardian, the BBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, The Times, ABC, CBS – you name it, and it is the same, both in corporate and state sources in the West.

After all, there are only a very limited number of significant “news sources” in most Western countries today, owing to corporate mergers, and the propaganda specialists at CIA and the Pentagon play them like musical instruments.

Pretty hard to overcome such an immense created cloud of untruth.

But as soon as we have some glimmers of truths reaching the general public from either sources such as Sputnik and RT or from some of the better alternative media on the Internet, you can see for yourself the relentless attacks mounted against “fake news” and “Russian propaganda.”

It is, quite literally, a war, a word in phony words, and that is something the folks at CIA or the Pentagon or Israel’s various Ministries are seriously practiced experts in.

Further note.

The New York Times, which so many people regard as a definitive source on many topics, was only recently found out to be passing every single story that it runs on Israel and its neck of the woods by the official Israeli Censors before being published.

The Times even acknowledged the fact.

Well, the official Israeli Censor is certainly assurance of accurate reporting, isn’t it? The very folks who tightly keep and manipulate the truths of a half century of illegal occupation and abuse of 6 million souls.

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