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John Chuckman



I am sorry, but this kind of approach grants Obama a partial victory.

No one needs to told that you need proof when you make big public claims.

Repeating that is tiresome and rather pointless.

The real problem here is not recognizing the fact that nothing really has happened, even if there was hacking, and even if it was by Russia.

No state secrets were involved. No violation of government security was involved. And indeed, no tampering with an American election occurred.

Only the private patter of a bunch of private people in a private political organization have been publicized. The same thing happens regularly when offices are bugged or wine-glasses held to the wall in an adjoining hotel room.

And it is no different, in terms of criminal or hostile acts, than what goes down all the time in gossip columns and tell-all books.

In the case of politics, what was made public was nothing more than what good investigative reporting might have achieved, but of course there is virtually no such reporting in America anymore.

What was made public is embarrassing to the actors involved. It comprises nothing of any importance except their careers.

Indeed, American voters effectively were better informed than usual in their voting, not deceived or lied to or cheated in any way, the kinds of things the mainline press worked tirelessly at doing to the same voters.

So, get over it. By playing Obama’s game, you give credibility to him he does not deserve.

His accusations are meaningless, apart from being false.

They are the noises of a spoiled child who doesn’t like losing.

And they echo the accusations of even uglier spoiled child, Hillary Clinton, who likely had promised this hopelessly ineffectual man a Supreme Court appointment if he worked hard to support her, and he did, and she lost.


If you want to see genuine interference in someone else’s election, look to what America has done for years and years and many times over.

And certainly America’s behavior has not involved just distributing some information. No, America distributes death and bribes and weapons, and does so on a grand scale.

Coup in Ukraine against an elected government.

Coup in Chile against an elected government.

Coup in Guatemala against an elected government.

Coup in Iran against an elected government.

Support for terror against an elected government in Syria.

And those are just a few highlights.

My God, America is the most hypocritical place on earth.

And all the noise and outrage over this puny non-event at the DNC only screams to everyone else on the planet more about America’s overwhelming sense of entitlement, and on all sides of its political spectrum.

Truly sickening.

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