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John Chuckman



“Israel is not abiding by Friday’s resolution”

Oh, my, what a surprise.

But anyone with a scrap of history knows that Israel has never complied with UN Resolutions. There are dozens of them from the past in which Israel stands in contempt.

And, as if by magic, it never pays any penalty for doing so. As we know, violation of UN Resolutions has been used as a justification by the United States when it wants to attack someone.

Israel also has never complied with the norms and protocols and agreements of many international institutions, any of them with which it did not choose to comply, again paying no penalty.

Not the Red Cross. Not the Geneva Conventions. Not regulations on atomic weapons. Not diplomatic norms and courtesies. Etc, etc, – it is a very long list.

This set of historical facts is what defines Israel, quite literally and with no exaggerated rhetoric, as a rogue state.

Nevertheless, the recent, totally-appropriate Resolution on settlements clearly stung this horrible man, Netanyahu, who likes to steal and kill, pausing occasionally to make speeches about peace and law and democracy.

It is very embarrassing to have a spotlight thrown on you as you creep out of your neighbor’s house carrying a big bag of stolen goods.

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