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John Chuckman



Exclusive: study shows half of Britons believe fascist views are on the rise in the US, UK and Europe

 Well, even if the poll is honest – and we’ve had so many recently which are not – it really comes as no surprise.

The press in Britain – including very much The Independent – has run a non-stop campaign of name-calling and innuendo and outright distortions about a whole list of political leaders and events.

These included Brexit, Trump, Farage, Le Pen, and others, complemented by the opposite kind of positive phony coverage for the likes of Hillary, Obama, Merkel, Hollande, and a whole list of failed politicians and movements.

It has all very much resembled the press yelling “fire” in a crowded theater.

No analysis or honest effort to understand ever appears in print or on broadcast.

Party membership is a guarantee of nothing. Take Obama as the leading example. Here is a man who belongs to a political party once associated with Franklin Roosevelt, but that association has zero life in it now.

The Democrats gave the world a genuine holocaust in Vietnam (estimated 3 million killed by the US) for no other reason than geo-political shuffling.

That evil spirit has continued right down to Obama who is responsible for several hundred thousand deaths and immense damage in the Middle East.

He and Hillary have killed far more people than many infamous dictators, yet British press portray them as “liberal” and “decent” and “sensible.”

Ridiculous. Murder is murder.

People such as Trump or Farage have killed precisely no one. Nor have they started any imperial wars. Yet they are unfailingly belittled and criticized by an unbelievably unfair and unbalanced press.

So, with day-and-night negative advertising running, is it any surprise that many people believe the worst? Of course not.

You know labelling someone as a fascist is a cheap and easy thing to do, and if you own a newspaper or a television station you can have a lot of people – people who don’t have the time or inclination to inform themselves through a variety of sources – believing that we are in dangerous times.

But we are not, except for the deliberately created conflicts and atrocities of people like Obama or Hillary or Netanyahu – conflicts and atrocities and vicious behavior left completely unexamined by so-called journalism today.


Response to another comment:

 Yours is a common misconception when you call an institution like BBC “leftie” or “liberal.”

What in God’s name is liberal or left-of-center about supporting the invasion of Iraq? The invasion of Libya? The deliberately induced horrors of Syria?

The Saudi atrocities in Yemen? An entire new American industry in extrajudicial murder created by Obama? Supporting an obvious and destructive anti-democratic coup in Ukraine?

How about never looking into what Israel has done in Gaza and the West Bank?

Or supporting endlessly bloody and destructive people like Tony Blair or David Cameron?

Your labelling – and I find it a common approach among what I might call more libertarian people – is just as completely wrong and destructive as the mainline press’s false labelling of Trump or Farage.

The BBC is servile and bent, utterly bent, to establishment interests and prejudices. It is not liberal.


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