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John Chuckman



“Putin’s friendly response to the expulsion of his US diplomats has a chilling subtext”

Only if you are feeble-minded, deliberately hostile, or mentally unbalanced.

What crap for a British paper to run. It could well have been written by the good old boys in Langley, Virginia.

Here are some spot-on observations from Craig Murray, a former British ambassador on these events:

“The very pettiness of Obama’s tongue out to Putin – minor sanctions and expelling some diplomatic families – itself shows that Obama is lying about the pretext. If he really believed that Russia had ‘hacked the election’, surely that would require a much less feeble response.

 “By refusing to retaliate, Russia has shown the kind of polish that eludes Obama as he takes his empty charisma and presentational skills into a no doubt lucrative future in the private sector.”


Response to another reader comment:

“Insofar as Putin and Russia are concerned you all appearing to sing from the same hymn sheet.”

Yes, and that’s a fact.

The Independent, despite being nominally British, literally functions as an American mid-sized newspaper.

It is larded with stuff from CIA and other American institutions. There is, quite literally, nothing independent about it, and remarkably little that is actually British.

We know for a fact from a retired CIA propaganda expert about the way CIA plays the American press as a musical instrument. This man referred to his contacts and outlets in the press his “mighty Wurlitzer organ.”

Outfits like the New York Times, Washington Post, Time Magazine, CBS, and others have been caught time and time again running deliberately contaminated stuff. In a number of cases, CIA agents actually were employed on staff. Outfits like the old Time-Life and Reuters were well known as virtually controlled outlets for CIA sewerage.

All of this has only become worse owing to the intense consolidation of corporate publishing and broadcasting in the United States. There is not a major news source left in the United States which operates with even a modicum of independence or even authentic journalistic principles. Not one.

What amazes me is the way this power establishment octopus has absorbed, literally absorbed, British publications. We always expected this kind of performance from outfits like Rupert Murdoch’s The Times or the pony-club establishment’s Telegraph, but today it swamps newspapers like the inappropriately-named Independent or, most egregious of all, The Guardian.

The Guardian today reads as though the American establishment and the Israel Lobby controlled every story and editorial. It is quite eyebrow-raising.

British independence of thought and true liberalism and progressivism are represented only superficially by fluff items like the woes of a LGBT blues singer or tribulations of being “objectified.”

As for BBC, Tony Blair strangled its independence back in the days of the Iraq invasion and the terrible saga of the murdered Dr. Kelly.

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