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John Chuckman



“Julian Assange accuses Barack Obama of trying to ‘delegitimise’ Trump with Russia hacking claims’

Of course, Assange is right.

This is all really shabby stuff coming from Washington.

With the utterly failed Obama leading the charge.

It all serves no legitimate purpose, only pettiness and hiding Obama’s own many gross errors.

The retired Technical Leader of NSA Intelligence, William Binney, has said there is no evidence here. In effect, that is the word of God in such matters.

The NSA are the ones who know, not the FBI or CIA who do not have NSA’s technical capabilities and in fact depend on the NSA for such information.

The stupid report now being messaged into shape is a joke, exactly comparable to Tony Blair’s “dodgy dossiers.”

The initial version says nothing to anyone with a critical brain who can read.

When the Chief Executive tells you to produce something to support his careless words, you do it, if you value your job. It happened with CIA under Bush, and it happened with British Intelligence under Blair.

But it can have no validity.

Were there real evidence, it could be presented in a flash.

And it would be presented in a flash were there a shred of truth to Obama’s deceitful, self-serving claims.

As it is, they are just sitting around playing with words, trying to come up something that looks at all plausible just to please a foolish President who has made empty claims for his own vain purposes.

This truly is a telling set of events Obama chooses to go out with.

They painfully reveal what a blundering mediocrity he really is.

He hates Putin because Putin has bested him at virtually everything and effectively shown him up for empty husk that he is.

He also hates Putin because Obama has been one of the Pentagon’s most faithful servants ever as President. Indeed, the Pentagon just awarded Obama its Distinguished Public Service Medal for his role as Commander-in-Chief in a silly-looking ceremony with the highly aggressive Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter, pinning on the medal.

Oh, yes, Obama can order troops and tanks around and threaten people, but he can’t keep pushing this nonsense. He convinces no one.

The DNC material was a leak, not a hack. And that means it was an insider.

Mad Hillary might like this stupid effort to validate her refusal to believe that nothing less than Satan himself could have caused her to lose.

But  these are dangerous games, and what the Obamas and Clintons are insisting upon only proves how unfit they were for such high office.

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