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John Chuckman



Silly French Finance Minister, speaking, by the way, for a French government literally dead on its feet, much resembling a tired waxworks tableau about to be replaced at Madame Tussaud’s.

Why on earth not?

There have been tons of criticism of Merkel from inside Europe.

She has been pretty close to a disaster as leader.


Response to a comment about how Trump’s criticizing the EU was not how friends act to a country, it is an enemy act.

No, it is not.

And the EU is not a single country, not even close to being one.

You might think someone from Britain would understand that, the country having just agreed to leave the EU.

The last time a state of America’s Union tried what Britain is doing, there was a massive Civil War, which still, by the way, remains the bloodiest war America in which was ever involved, one with about double the deaths America experienced in WWII.

The EU has always refused to go far enough to become a country, always taking half-measures, as with the way the Euro was established with no strong central banking.

The EU is neither fish nor fowl but a kind of zoo organization where both sit side by side.

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