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John Chuckman



“The Left Is The New Right”

I’m sorry, but this is a really dumb idea currently being widely propagated on the Internet.

What is Left In imperial, pounding-fist America?

Hillary Clinton?

George Soros?

Only a person who confuses slogans with substance identifies such people as Left.

They are the wealthy establishment, some of its very heart, and the establishment really has no Left and no Right, only its own narrow interests, often murderous and manipulative interests.

A genuine Left simply does not exist in America, and it has no history. There was a brief time during the Depression that America had a Left, but it faded away with rising prosperity and war and the coming of world empire. And while it existed, it was under constant assault from J. Edgar Hoover – a ferocious man approved by president after president.

As for America’s origins, the Left simply did not exist. Early America was a kind of hinterlands aristocracy, one with boundless greed for expansion westward, real estate speculation with a market of newcomers, and a great and vibrant slave industry. George Washington, far from in any way being a self-sacrificing idealist, was right at the center of such efforts with a reputation for hard-nosed dealing. Even his war service was profitable for him.

America’s “Great Emancipator,” the most beloved president who is much sentimentalized in popular lore, was in many ways a hard man. He worked impossibly hard for his father, a man he came pretty much to hate, on a hardscrabble farm and he became through his own determined efforts a lawyer, eventually quite a successful one, effectively a corporate lawyer for interests like the growing Illinois Central Railroad.

Such connections led to his candidacy for president in the newly-emerged Republican Party. He fought the Civil War, not over slavery, as he himself told us, but over a harsh notion that a state could never be permitted to leave the United States. He created the united and war-forged industrial power that became today’s metropolitan center of world empire.

Today, I think America’s so-called Left could be typified (or is it parodied?) by Michael Moore, multi-millionaire director, a man styling himself as a kind of humble everyman shuffling around in a beat-up baseball cap, but whose actual political choices have run to Hillary Clinton and General Wesley Clark.


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