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John Chuckman



“Social media isn’t doing enough to tackle anti-Semitism. Thankfully, Angela Merkel is stepping in”

Oh, please, not more anti-Semitism!

The fact is that the genuine article is virtually non-existent in our society, at least in any public or genuinely influential way, but that does not stop the charge being freely used by lobbyists regularly to leverage either anti-free speech measures or to secure changes in political leadership.

The Independent and other British papers, notably The Guardian, spent months not very long ago attacking so decent a man as Jeremy Corbyn with this McCarthyite-like charge.

Their actual goal in doing so? To replace an independent-minded man with some shabby acolyte of Tony Blair, a man who lied and killed on a massive scale in the service of those who wanted to create “the birth of a new Middle East.”

It’s just horrible.

Lobbyist, too, use the charge to attack supporters of the perfectly peaceful and legitimate tactics for securing human and democratic rights called BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions), a set of tactics which were used to oppose apartheid in Nationalist South Africa and Jim Crow in the Southern United States.

There have actually been intense, shameful efforts by Israel’s government and its apologists to make support of BDS illegal in many jurisdictions. Such backward-looking bills are signed quite regularly in various states and cities all over as a result of the pressure.

As for Angela Merkel, she has been a devastatingly bad leader, a worthy example to no one in anything.

Read this recent analysis of her:


 Response to another reader who said that any unwelcome criticism can be branded as “malicious”. Like “fake news”, what is decided as malicious will be decided by the establishment agenda:


That sums it up.

Another comment below accurately refers to the Stasi, too.

Angela Merkel grew up in East Germany, and it shows in many things.


Response to another reader’s comment:


Well said on the Bible. It is simply full of vile things.

And, as Mark Twain said, upwards of a thousand lies.

Perhaps it should be banned or censored?

As for the notion “Semites,” that is a narrow avenue down which to travel.

The modern rulers and founders of Israel are Ashkenazi, a Germanic, European people.

They follow the same religion as the ancient Hebrews, but they are not the same people.

Adopting the Hebrew language in Israel was an artificial measure, because Yiddish, closely related to German, is the native language of most of these people or their immediate ancestors.

Hebrew studies were of course maintained in religious schools by the Ashkenazi in Europe and America, just as Muslim religious schools maintain Arabic for religious studies, but Hebrew was no one’s actual day-to-day language since ancient days.

DNA studies clearly show the European origins of the Ashkenazi, who arose about 1,000 years ago.

The fact of their embracing the religion of Judaism undoubtedly reflects an unknown historical period when the Hebrew people, some of them, came to be evangelical.

After all, they had the dramatic example of the amazing success of Christianity, which itself had started as a small Jewish sect.

There is some DNA evidence of Semitic origins, too, but this would reflect the intermarriage centuries ago of members from various Jewish communities in a diaspora of evangelical Jews and Hebrews, the generally small size of Jewish communities always having represented a problem for marriage and children.

Of course, the final topper, as it were, is that the Palestinians are almost certainly the main body of what remains of the ancient Hebrews.

They, of course, through two millennia, have changed with conquest and inter-marriage and religious evangelism of other kinds, those of Islam and Christianity.

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