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John Chuckman



Muammar Gaddafi always impressed me with his intelligence and his understanding of the underlying realities of international affairs.

He also proved an exceptional leader for the welfare of his people, having used the oil wealth to provide them everything from free schools and health care to imaginative projects for water supply.

Further, he made important efforts in creating new ties in black Africa.

When asked once in an interview, years ago, about Israel, he astutely answered that it would simply drown in a sea of Arabs.

Is it any wonder he was hated by folks like Hillary Clinton and her close Neocon associates, murderous people like Madeleine Albright or Barbara Nuland?

In the long term, history I believe will have a much more favorable impression of this man than Western public opinion, force-fed by corporate establishment lines, today.

It was such a fine thing America did in Libya, killing a good leader of a stable society and pitching the society into chaos.

Thanks, Obama. Thanks, Hillary.

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