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John Chuckman



“Defies wishes of Republicans in Congress”

Well, I am glad to learn that he has done something worthwhile.

But let’s put Obama’s gesture into perspective.

$221,000,000 for the genuinely needy Palestinians and $38,000,000,000 just went to the folks who are picking their bones, the Israelis.

That’s just over one-half of one percent.

Really impressive.

And, finally, he gave the little bit of money to the government of the Palestine Authority which does not even represent all of Palestine, has gone without any election for years, and has generally pretty much served as a useful stooge for Israel. The people of Gaza, with their elected government, are allowed to continue sitting in the rubble and pollution Israel created for them in 2014.


Response to a reader comment:

“Obama elected to make the American people the focus of his Presidency and has left them in a far better situation than when he started…”

Oh, yes, indeed.

After all, he dropped more than 100,000 bombs on 7 countries, and there was not a single day of his eight years during which the United States wasn’t killing people.

There’s also his new hi-tech system of extra-judicial killing, something which makes the old Argentine junta’s style of “disappearing” people seem primitive and brings such honor to the name of America and its claims over human and democratic rights.

And, at home, he oversaw record funds for intelligence agencies spying in new ways on their own people.

He topped that all off with having done absolutely nothing to stop creating the greatest debt in human history.

And this was accompanied by no effort to even reform the financial industry whose poor regulation and oversight created a financial crisis we are all still seriously threatened by.

My, that is a genuinely remarkable set of achievements, isn’t it?

The only act making anything better in eight years of this strange murderous man with the big smile is his final departure.

Trump may well prove a disappointment, I am prepared for that distinct possibility, but Obama is perhaps the most disappointing figure in modern history. We all thought he had such promise in 2008, and it all turned literally to ashes.

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