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John Chuckman



“Donald Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’ could be just the beginning

Truly dumb journalism.

“Experts warn”?

What experts?

And in what are they experts?

Did they all take university courses in the mind of Donald Trump?

The Independent these days just repeats shabby trick after shabby trick of what Americans call “yellow journalism.”

This is a complete non-article on a complete non-subject intended only to run a scary headline.

Grow up.


 “Experts warn Donald Trump policy on torture could be ‘catastrophic”

Here we go with “experts warn” ploy again, two of them in one day.

I despise torture, but Trump, if you carefully consider his words, is not saying he will torture people.

Where was all this self-righteousness when Bush tortured people by the thousands in the CIA’s black sites?

When they opened Guantanamo?

When they killed a million people in Iraq and destroyed the country?

When Obama killed at least another half million in Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia and other places?

There was virtually the complete silence of consent from our press.

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