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John Chuckman



“deeply disturbing echoes of the dark days of the 1930s”

That is a completely irresponsible statement from Prince Charles.

Darker and more dangerous than some of the other irresponsible statements he has a bit of a reputation for making over the years.

It also brings him close to political comment he has no business making in his position as a modern royal.

I’ve studied that era thoroughly, and I don’t see any real parallels, beyond a resurgence of nationalism.

I’m not overly fond of nationalism, but I don’t regard what we see as in any serious way “dangerous.”

The Prince is repeating “a line” that is being put out there by a number of newspaper columnists and was put into the Pope’s mouth recently.

I frankly doubt the columnists or the Pope or the Prince have much hard knowledge of the era of the 1930s.


And where was the good Prince’s voice while Obama dropped over 100,000 bombs on seven countries, killing tens of thousands and driving hopeless refugees from their homes?

In not one day of his eight years in office was the US not killing people.

Never heard a squeak.

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