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John Chuckman



“As a Jew, the ‘de-judification’ of the Holocaust by Donald Trump and Richard Spencer is terrifying”

You should be ashamed to write that, totally ashamed.

First, ‘de-judification’ is a term straight from the Nazis. It is an appalling word to use.

Second, whether you like it or not, it was not only Jews hurt and destroyed by the Nazis. There were many groups. Hitler was not a person with only one seething hatred.

I actually have a hard time understanding why recalling the fact that many others died should bother the writer. It just smacks of an extreme and weird kind of prejudice.

It “shouldn’t,” but then shouldn’t in today’s world can be applied to so many behaviors, notably the appalling behavior of Israel in keeping millions as legal non-persons while regularly “legally” stealing their land and homes, the Holocaust somehow always being cited as making this additional later barbarism okay.

I’ll note also that many unfair charges have also in the past been laid by writers with views related to this writer’s views against speaking of the documented Armenian Genocide or the Ukrainian Genocide called Holodomor. The late Elie Wiesel sometimes went through frightening, accusatory paroxysms over the very mention of any other event being compared with the Holocaust.

As though terrible treatment can only be spoken of with regard to Jewish people. That is an absurd claim, on its face.

And, of course, the greatest catastrophe in human history, Hitler’s Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of the Soviet Union, killed 27 million Soviets plus millions of Germans. It indeed provided the covering noise for the Holocaust.

No, vast suffering and brutal unfairness are not afflictions only Jews can claim or, as we see in Israel, afflictions Jews are free from committing.

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