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John Chuckman



“Measures to ‘enhance combat readiness’ have already begun”

And well they should.

Putin sees America, helped by weak governments such as Germany and Britain deferring to its bullying demands, surrounding his country’s borders with whole armies of tanks and troop transfers and missile systems.

Combat ships placed in spots they’ve not been before. Spy planes invasively, dangerously approaching Russia with their transponders turned off. New supply depots with large stocks of heavy weapons established. All this has been accompanied by extreme rhetorical outbursts from high officials at times.

Does that sound friendly or peaceful to you? Only if you are the kind of person who thinks a violent lunatic like Netanyahu is devoted to peace and justice.

Trump may just be able to put a stop to this insanity – that being one of the great hopes for him as President – but that is not certain, and, if it is possible, it will take time with careful steps.

America’s military/security establishment has some powerful and dangerous characters in it who have pushed and promoted all of this under Obama. They are not in command now, but they cannot be just ignored, no matter how unreasonable they may be.

Good God, Putin would be irresponsible if he failed to do what he is doing.

And if there is one thing Putin is not, it’s irresponsible.

And if there is another thing Putin is not, it’s lacking in strong analytical intelligence.

America’s rhetoric, echoed by compliant buffoons in NATO, has been frightening over recent years, often making claims that are literally nonsense. It should be embarrassing to all thoughtful people, but you cannot laugh at people who can destroy much of the planet.

It all started with a stupid, violent coup against a democratic government in Ukraine, sponsored and paid for by the United States in an effort to intimidate Russia. Putin outsmarted Obama’s blunderers, and for that he became hated. At the same time, the coup-installed government of Ukraine has pretty much made a mess of its every initiative. Its efforts have sent that country spiraling down into economic ruin and political chaos.

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