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John Chuckman



“Theresa May is showing contempt for Palestinian rights as she rolls out the red carpet for Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu”

Of course, she is.

But when have those rights – better put as human claims to rights completely denied by Israel – played any role in modern British politics?

Tony Blair was a complete sell-out to the Israel Lobby.

That really was his distinguishing quality which got him to support mass murder in Iraq and earned him the Israel Peace Prize, a prize whose very name is an oxymoron.

David Cameron followed the same path, though less sensationally. Thus, his filthy secret support for terror in Syria and for the House of Saud, Israel’s closest (secret) associate in the Middle East.

And May is headed down the same path.

By the way, look what happened to poor old Jeremy  Corbyn for even trying to be independent and decent as leader of the Labour Party.

He was hit by a tidal wave of McCarthyite hate speech in the form of anti-Semitism accusations, good old Tony and David joining right in along with much of the press.

Even the head of the Israeli Labour Party was hauled in to offer his two-cents worth about another country’s internal political affairs, which are of course none of his business.

That is, sadly, the contemporary state of British politics.

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