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John Chuckman



“Make Liberal Democrats Tolerant Again”

Tolerance is one of the key characteristics of a true liberal.

But there are almost no true liberals in America.

America is not a sheltering place for such values and attitudes.

It is so easy to forget that you are the center of a massive, brutal empire, and that empire is run for the benefit of America’s power establishment.

Empires and grand armies and giant spy organizations are not things which promote tolerance or even democracy.

America is governed as a plutocracy.

That is not going to change in our lifetimes.

Trump, even if he succeeds in a few needed areas, such as peace with Russia, end of Neocon Wars, create jobs, is not going to change anything about America’s basic structure.

He wouldn’t even be inclined to do so.

Few if any Democrats in America qualify as “liberal.”

After all, they have been the War Party for years, and they’ve helped kill millions abroad.

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