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“NYT’s Eye Broccoli Charles Krauthammer Tells Bill O’Reilly Putin Will Kill Him”

Krauthammer has long been one of America’s ugliest public figures.

I don’t mean, of course, physical ugliness, although he does possess that in an abundance sufficient to have enjoyed a successful career as a B-actor in cheap horror films.

The man simply has an ugly mind, unrelentingly ugly. Perhaps his physical ugliness is just a kind of metaphor for what’s contained inside him?

He has always been a cheerleader for Israel’s killings, theft, and abuse – always. He at times almost might have reminded one of a dog-faced concentration camp guard cheering when he saw smoke rising.

He was a charter member of the people providing media support to the American group called Neocons whose influence since 9/11 has given us wars that have killed at least 2 million people, destroyed several countries, and sent millions running for their lives.

The Neocons’ basic credo was that the US should not hesitate to use its immense military power to re-shape parts of the world to please itself.

They advocated long ago in books and policy councils and universities the firestorm through the Middle East that we have actually witnessed in an attempt to create “the birth of a new Middle East,” one shaped to please Washington and its embattled fortress-colony in the region.

The ultimate outcome was to be the destruction of all independent-minded leadership throughout the region, literally dismembering several of the countries (Iraq, Syria, Libya) to create weak rump states – all of this intended to create a vast cordon sanitaire around Israel and catapult it into the position of unquestioned master of the region, a kind of miniature replica of the United States’ position in the rest of the world. A miniature replica right down to the fact that its largely alien American and European establishment would rule over vast numbers of people with ancient local roots, different languages, different religions, and different cultures.

At the same time, this Neocon march of destruction through the Middle East would demonstrate to all opposition just how ready and ruthless the US was in getting its way.

This task remains uncompleted so long as Iran remains untouched. Iran, a country which has attacked or threatened no one in its entire modern history, is constantly called an “existential threat” by the madman serving as leader of Israel, a man who himself has killed many innocent people and one who pursues an official policy of stealing the homes and farms of others. Iran, because of its size and potential wealth, is a threat only to the unqualified influence of Israel in the region. One becomes concerned when Trump makes unwarranted threats to Iran, Trump a man we all hoped would be able to finally shake the Neocon grip on America and end the pointless wars.

But the Neocons ended wanting to do more than just demonstrate to potential opposition. After all, any people who release war and viciousness on the world just to achieve their own interests, tend to become only more savage and hungry for results. So, we also saw policies like the overthrow of a democratic government in Ukraine in an effort to gain an intimidating new position against Russia.

Russia is, after all, seen by the Neocons as the only country which can deny the United States doing pretty well whatever it pleases in the Middle East and in Europe. It is, of course, the only other nation on earth capable literally of obliterating America. That fact makes it a constant target. There is also a clear residual strain of thought here from the Cold War when the Soviet Union was frequently presented by folks like Krauthammer as a viciously anti-Semitic place, in addition to all its other many faults.

Europe’s recent generation or two of leadership has so fallen in stature and capability that it has become an ineffectual yes-man for the Neocon policies, even though those policies have brought down a firestorm of side-effects on Europe’s head, including a massive army of refugees the United States does absolutely nothing to help with. These leaders have functioned so poorly that the future of the EU itself now is definitely in question. The UN too has been eviscerated by the Neocon crowd, removing a voice that should have strongly opposed their clear aggression in the world. The last Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon, was almost a joke in all the matters of war and aggression, the very things the UN was designed to oppose.

But we still have Mr. Krauthammer and his many media associates in the US spewing out their ugly hatreds and prejudices around the clock, always just slightly dressed-up for a kind of polite respectability. He is indeed a wonderful man, as is his colleague at “the liberal” New York Times, Thomas Friedman. They work to make death and destruction acceptable as state policy and to make hatred, so long as it is hatred of the right things, a part of normal discourse.


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