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John Chuckman



“No injuries or damage to property reported in barrage of missiles fired from neighbouring Sinai province overnight’

Pure horse manure.

These rockets, if they existed at all, were most likely launched by Israeli agents to give appearances and perhaps to provide a test run of Iron Dome.

Of course, these agents could well be members of ISIS doing as requested. It has even long been suspected that the head of ISIS is an Israeli, but, at any rate, we know for sure ISIS has never attacked Israel or Israeli interests in all these years.

Why not?

You don’t attack the guys who support you.

Remember, ISIS we know has been assisted by Saudi Arabia, and Saudi Arabia does nothing to offend Israel. It would not dare to do so, knowing it would antagonize the United States.

And, in fact, Israel and the House of Saud have enjoyed a secret, close relationship for years.

They share many common interests, including opposing genuine human rights and democracy in any of the countries of the region.

They also both have the interests of extremely wealthy small establishments at heart in a region with a lot of poor.

The House of Saud, of course, gets wealth through oil. The wealth of Israel’s establishment comes through immense subsidies from abroad – both private and government – and in co-mingled business interests with the United States, many of its richest citizens being dual citizens.

And, finally, we know ISIS has expended close to all of its efforts on two of Israel’s most hated countries, Iraq and Syria.

Funny, isn’t it?

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