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John Chuckman



“Fake news is ‘killing people’s minds’ claims Apple boss Tim Cook”

The entire idea of fake news is itself fake.

I cannot even understand the controversy, except for the fact that it is promoted and featured around the clock by the corporate press and its recent allies, America’s multi-multi-billion dollar hi-tech online industry.

Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook all sleep in the same bed with the corporate press and with America’s intrusive security establishment.

As long as there has been something called news, there has been fake news.

The boy in the fairy tale calling out “wolf!” was an early example. He was acting as town crier – an early form of press – putting out a lie to serve his own interests.

Of course, these fellows are acting just like the boy in the fairy tale in shouting “wolf!”

There has been nothing but misrepresentation and lies or blissful ignoring by the corporate press from time immemorial about any matter of vital concern to government.

What’s new? Only that some of the independent and alternative press are really starting to be listened to by large numbers, and that is happening at the same time that the traditional corporate press is in serious economic decline.

Much of what is in the independent and alternative press is not true or accurate, but given the history of the corporate press, what’s new about that?

You have never been able to be fairly accurately informed by having a paper, any paper, served you on a platter.

You must always dig and doubt because the motivations for misrepresentation are boundless.

You don’t write a term paper citing just one source for a pivotal fact. You cross check.

It is no different with news. And the last people anyone should trust to deliver truth on a platter are the folks at outfits like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook, and I say that in view of their own records of behavior in many things from how they treat information to how they treat customers



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