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John Chuckman



It does appear that what so many hoped for from Trump may be slipping away, and by that I mean obtaining peace.

Rather than Trump draining the swamp, we have signs now that he is barely able to keep head above the water.

Going on about the press, however correct he may be, and spending huge efforts on the almost meaningless matter of temporarily banning migrants from certain countries is a bit like worrying about a scratch when you have blood throbbing from a wound somewhere else.

I very much hope I’m wrong, but there can be no good interpretation of this matter of Bolton or indeed of several other recent actions.

Threatening Iran? Giving the murderous Netanyahu a free ride? Sending troops to Syria? Recent events in Yemen?

And here we have one of most notorious Neocons being looked at for a post, and for a second time?

Bolton is one nasty piece of work, comparable in every way with Victoria Nuland. They breathe hate and death.

Simply not good, any of it.

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