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John Chuckman



EU Parliament Votes in Favor of Waiving Le Pen’s Immunity

Ridiculous act from a ridiculous body of politicians.

Her intention in making a strong statement against the horrors of ISIS could not be clearer, and that was a valid thing for a conscientious politician to do.

Instead of just accepting the fact, we have the deliberate misapplication of a law intended for entirely different purposes, and we have a wishy-washy group of EU politicians violating basic principles free speech to suspend her immunity and make her vulnerable to the misapplied law.

Of course, it is all about stopping her rise to power, having nothing whatever to do with any moral or ethical principle pretended.

Is it any wonder that the EU is crumbling before our eyes? That so many hold it in some degree of contempt?

It has no leadership anywhere worthy of the title.

And it seems to have little purpose anymore beyond assisting the United States in dominating Europe with its anti-Russian and anti-good sense policies.

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