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John Chuckman



“US media turn screw on Donald Trump administration with fresh reports of Russia links”

Who is in the least concerned with whether someone in the administration spoke to a Russian? Good God, it’s a country just as any other. There, indeed, should be good communications.

This Russian business has become even a more extended and vicious campaign of McCarthyism than The Independent’s and Guardian’s vicious attacks on Corbyn over non-existent “anti-Semitism.”

This entire matter is a joke, a dark joke, but it keeps being given new life.

I believe that is because elements of the security services are working towards the same goals as the endlessly-whining Democrats.

After all, many senior people there go back to the last several administrations. And outfits like CIA have been deeply involved in dirt stuff like Syria and the Ukraine coup. We know that for a fact.

Some of them want to protect the fruits of their dirty work of recent years and undoubtedly see Trump as a threat.

And that makes this more than a bad joke.

Government by unaccountable officials?

That is an idea far more immediately dangerous than anything possible from Russia. And I believe it is real.

Nevertheless, there is a joke aspect in the constant repetition of the vague expression about “Russia hacking the American election.”

That phrase plays on the general public’s ignorance deliberately. Voting machines cannot be hacked from abroad. It cannot happen.

As for the idea Russia supplied WikiLeaks the information that helped sink crooked Hillary, that is even more bitterly funny.

Everyone involved has said that is not so. Indeed, to a certainty, the information was leaked from an insider, likely a Democrat, one candidate for the work now being dead.

But, to my mind, that is neither here nor there.

The information was not about American security. The information was exactly the kind of stuff some good investigative journalists, were there any such thing anymore, might have uncovered.

Notes and letters between individuals in a private organization, individuals discussing their own corrupt behaviors.

So, what are clowns like Schumer and Pelosi endlessly going on about?

We don’t agree that this man should have been elected.

Only that and nothing more.

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