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John Chuckman



“Unelected husband of Ivanka Trump sat down with Sergey Kislyak for ’20 minutes’ “

Even if this were one of those rare times that you got your facts right, the obvious response from a thinking person is, “So what?”

Russia is part of the world in case you hadn’t noticed.

And a rather important one. Becoming more so.

We want people to talk to each other, not huddle in dark corners making paranoid guesses about each other.

This stuff is sick, 1950s’ McCarthyite demonization.

It almost reminds me of events, some years ago, down in the Bible Belt of the United States – which includes places where millions actually do believe that the Second Coming is coming soon.

The Procter and Gamble corporation had a lovely traditional logo of a moon and stars, quite charming. But the “Second Coming” crowd decided that it represented devil worship and conducted a big, intense campaign against the company.

Oh, and the same fate befell J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books in that neck of the woods. They were removed from some libraries and schools.

The world, sadly, has great numbers of blindly-unthinking people, and that’s the main audience for all of this utterly stupid Russia-contact, Russia-hack, Putin-Trump rubbish.

America, despite its immense power in the world and its hi-technology and appearance of modernity, has an inordinate number of such people. Many in Britain, with no first-hand experience, might actually be shocked at the extent.

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