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John Chuckman



“Donald Trump has evolved from being a conspiracy-theory candidate to a conspiracy-theory president

Trump’s roots in the conspiracy theory world go deep”

What a tiresome offering from Chris Cillizza.

Just a pile of clichés of a certain coloration. Actually, they are not even clichés because clichés are truths, although very stale ones.

As I’ve written before, any piece using the term “conspiracy-theory” should immediately raise a red flag for readers.

This term was manufactured by CIA publicity people as a put-down for Americans seeking honest information about dark, unexplained events like John Kennedy’s assassination.

It has been dutifully perpetuated and re-validated by the corporate press ever since. I believe we’ve seen something like half a dozen pieces in The Independent in the last year or so using the term as a central point.

I see this piece of rubbish comes from The Washington Post.

That is a newspaper which has a long record of being in the CIA’s pocket. Their record over the last half century is much the equivalent of the old Pravda in the USSR.

It has never told the American people anything they needed to know, and it has told them a great many lies.

Moreover, now it is owned by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, big supporter of Hillary and long a vest-pocket associate of CIA.

One of his earliest acts on buying the paper was to gather 20 reporters into a team to go out and get all the dirt on Trump they could find.

Well, they pretty much failed, so the paper went ahead with series of fake news stories like the one from the former MI6 spy who served as a paid private detective for a rich American of unknown identity.

None of it worked, but it helped kick up a lot of blinding dust..

By the way, Bezos, owner of the journalistic streetwalker otherwise known as The Washington Post, recently signed a huge contract for Amazon services to CIA, on the order of $600 million.

I don’t know about you, but I do feel a certain lack of propriety in getting “news” from sources like that.

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