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John Chuckman



“Donald Trump claims Barack Obama ordered wiretap on Trump Tower, but provides no evidence”

I don’t think there is any reason to doubt this.

For those who’ve studied Obama over the years, secretiveness and a kind of opaque quality in his public character – despite the big boyish smile – are distinguishing characteristics.

Past colleagues, as at the University of Chicago where he taught but was not a professor, have made this quality very clear. Not sociable at all outside of the face put on for politics. Same for dinner at the White House.

Some people have long speculated on whether Obama was CIA, as was very much the case for George Bush pere. There are unexplained openings in his resume, there is his secretiveness, and the CIA is known to recruit or support highly prospective politicians as he was viewed early in Chicago.

The CIA loves having “made men” in office, anywhere it can get them. It has long had a number of European and Latin American politicians receiving “pensions.”

Of course, it just happens to be the case that elements at CIA are now clearly working against Trump. Obama would be a handy helper, just as papers like The Washington Post and New York Times very much are, both papers having long histories of involvement and support for CIA projects.

He also appears to have a somewhat psychopathic character with lots of superficial charm when he chooses to turn it on and yet the ability to regularly kill. He instituted the CIA’s extrajudicial killing-by-drone program, and he has signed off on countless “kill orders” placed in the Oval Office in-box.

Just speculations, but informed and interesting ones. He is definitely not the straightforward, charming bright boy figure so many people seem to believe he is. Something else, much darker, is there for sure.

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