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John Chuckman



“The former president is said to be ‘livid’ about the accusations”


Your writer should look up the definition before using a word he does not understand.

When we get angry, we become red-faced, not dark-faced.

Lividity in a corpse is bluish-black coloration.

Anyway, it would be difficult for a person of Obama’s complexion to become dark-faced, wouldn’t it?

Of course, I’m being pedantic, but I am also pointing out a truth about reportage in The Independent.

The inaccuracy, if you will, is highly symbolic.

Oh, and by the way, Obama is simply lying, as he did for eight years.

He killed several hundred thousand people, made millions homeless and sent them packing into refugee camps. He also christened the NSA super-centers and, oh yes, the CIA’s elaborate program of extrajudicial assassination.

And he lied about all of it every step of the way.

In light of WikiLeaks Vault 7 material, I think Trump’s accusations take on new meaning.

The American National Security Surveillance State has reached new and dangerous levels.

Unaccountable people in faraway bunker-like buildings can pick through the private lives of politicians, businessmen, social-cause leaders, union leaders, and they can gather material of potentially immense power in blackmail and threats of every kind, to say nothing of industrial espionage.

They can also manipulate world affairs, as we see the CIA had some while ago the ability to hack into a system and leave the appearance of someone such as Russia having done it with deliberately left clues.

And how about their exploration of hacking into auto systems as a means of untraceable assassination? If that doesn’t make your blood run cold, nothing will.

We are entering a dangerous era, as never imagined by George Orwell. And I thank Trump for helping us understand by opening the door a crack.

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