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John Chuckman



“The age of Trump and 21st century fascism”

No analysis. No facts. No information offered.

Just one more commissioned dump of propaganda.


Response to another reader’s comment:

How right you are.

It’s remarkable how many people cannot distinguish between elections and fascism.

How many news sources.

How many article-writer hacks.

The entire unthinking claim about fascism has reached lunatic proportions.


 Response to another reader’s comment:

 Of course, we are not in a situation of fascism.

But you are wrong in using the expression, “a very nasty and dangerous authoritarian right-wing populist revolt.”

It just ain’t so.

We have a revolt against an establishment which has abused its position for decades.

As in Syria. As in Libya. As in Iraq. As in Yemen. As in Ukraine. As with all kinds of secret projects and universal spying. As with politics run solely by money. As with an establishment serving only its own interests, ever. As with the endless lies about all these matters and more.

Government in America, and I believe in Britain, has stopped serving those who vote and pay taxes. It manipulates them and treats them as a herd unfit to be trusted.

An awful lot of people today understand these fundamental truths or at least some fraction of them.

They are voting against them, just as they should.

What we had under Obama – and what was threatened even to a greater degree by Clinton – was exactly what resembled fascism in many of its worst qualities. Fascism with a benign face, so to speak.


Response to another reader’s comment saying he didn’t understand how anyone on the left could vote for Le Pen:

No, you don’t get it.

But many do. I am a good old-fashioned liberal spirit, and I understand it perfectly.

When you elect a leader, you always, always get a bundle of policies.

And always, always some of these will be unacceptable to a great many people.

You must pick what is most important to you, knowing you will get some things you do not like.

Remember, the old saying, a wise one, you must pick your battles?

You cannot fight them all, and certainly cannot win them all.

The definitions of many of the old-line parties are as obsolete as Commodore 64 computers.

That really is what the American election was about, and it is what the French election will be about.

Moreover, the terrible policies of recent governments – such as Obama’s in America and all other Western governments supporting him such as Hollande’s or Cameron’s or Merkel’s – have driven national and international affairs to new extremes and new divisions and to ugly new problems.

Good God, France has endured the most horribly-failed President in its modern history with Hollande. He failed everywhere. He pleased no one. He has no principles. He achieved absolutely nothing but impoverishing his country.

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Response to another reader’s comment:

Yours are ignorant words indeed.

Calling people “scum” is exactly what Joseph Goebbels and his master did all the time. Mussolini too.

I almost cannot believe how many people today, such as yourself, feel free to call others ugly names and believe they are being self-righteous in doing so.

You are pitifully undereducated and far too ready to open your mouth to say nothing.

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