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John Chuckman



“Amal Clooney urges world leaders not to let Isis get away with genocide in passionate address to UN”

 Amal Clooney, like so many celebrities making speeches, simply does not know what she is talking about.

Her ignorance on this topic should be embarrassing, but celebrities are never embarrassed by the silliness of their words or they would never rise to speak in the first place.

Besides such events at the UN have almost become entertainments, complete with red carpet, interviews, cocktails, and endless flattery. America’s behind-the-scenes efforts have made it so, emasculating the UN so it never today is a source of attack on the world’s actual sources of evil.

Amal Clooney’s performance actually reminds me of another celebrity who spoke at the UN in a similar fashion, Angelina Jolie.

Ms. Jolie made a showy appearance at the UN, complete with interviews and cocktails, about stopping rape in war, surely about as realistic a goal as having rules against killing in war.

Jolie then proceeded, a short time later, making a plea for the West to get more aggressive against Assad, a plea, in other words, for more killing in Syria. It just does not get more brainless than that.

Whatever Amal Clooney thinks, ISIS is not in the genocide business.

“Genocide” means unequivocally the effort to destroy an entire class of people of one kind or another, as a religious or an ethnic group.

No informed person can claim this for ISIS, ugly though they be.

But I forget myself, “genocide” has become one of those terms for the red-carpet-cause set that requires almost daily denouncement even when it is not happening and what they are talking about is something else entirely.

Indeed, how very convenient to go around denouncing a concept such as evil in theory while you ignore genuine, dripping-with-blood evil before your eyes. No mess, no complications, no political difficulties, no effort – just self-praise for denouncing what almost everyone on the planet already denounces.

And America and its murderous allies can carry right on with mass killing and destruction which is not genocide.

ISIS is the creation of Saudi Arabia, the United States, Israel, Turkey, Oman, with lots of assistance from Britain and France.

Its only real jobs were to get rid of the past government of Iraq which the US disliked and, more importantly, help destroy the government of Syria and turn that country into a broken-up set of rump states. This last was the big goal, a goal Israel absolutely cherishes.

ISIS succeeded in the first objective early on. It has failed in the second, although it remains a potent force. Why is it potent? Because it receives money and weapons and assistance from some or all of the countries named above, still.

ISIS is such a rag-tag bunch of thugs (all the dark armies that the CIA helps pull together in places under American proxy attack are like that: collections of the world’s filth, lunatics, and violent opportunists – given weapons and money and permission to go kill and destroy to their hearts’ content) that some of its lunatics pulled off insanely bloody and pointless stunts which they videotaped.

But even some of the bloody stunts may have been deliberate for intimidation purposes, and, in the case of the former leader of Iraq, they worked because he simply ran away as they approached.

Those stunts did force people like Britain’s David Cameron to respond to public concerns and pretend that he was fighting ISIS. The same for the US, which ended doing two different things at the same time, seeming attacks on ISIS and continuing secret support. Much of the supposed attacks on ISIS were actually bombing Syrian infrastructure which hurt the country’s government more than it did ISIS. Ditto for Cameron’s efforts.

The only people who have unequivocally gone after ISIS (and other equally horrible American-supported proxy armies, such as Al-Nusra) are Syria and Russia. Russia’s intervention has changed the whole dynamic and balance in Syria, and the US and its allies have struggled to deal with the fact and come to a new position there.

The US establishment deeply resents the Russian intervention because it helped thwart long worked-for goals, a fact which is very much at work in current security service machinations against Trump, who famously said before the election Russia should just be given a free hand in Syria.

America and its allies have never stopped wanting President Assad’s head, which for Israel is the sine qua non of the whole dirty business.

Were folks like ISIS really what fools like Amal Clooney think they are, they would long ago have turned to attack Israel in an all-out (suicidal) assault, but, no they never fight Israel. They never kill a single Israeli or attack an Israeli interest. They fight only Israel’s enemies. Funny, that, for a bunch of supposed fanatical, genocidal, Muslim fundament terrorists.

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