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John Chuckman



I was not at all happy about this appointment of Chrystia Freeland as Foreign Minister by Justin Trudeau.

I don’t even understand what he intended by it.

So far as I know he harbors no anti-Russian feelings.

But I think it clear this woman may well.

In general, folks who insist on speaking the old language of their parents at home, as she does, are not the kind of minds I find at all attractive.

I’ve known members of Canada’s Ukrainian community in the past, and they are not a progressive or open-minded bunch, being the sons and daughters of people who left the Soviet Union ages ago.

She is not even a seasoned politician or a long-serving Member of Parliament.

We had a very classy guy representing our country, M. Dion, but Trudeau has moved him to the EU.

Was Trudeau thinking this kind of person would appeal to Trump? If so, I don’t know why. Or was he just trying to give some of the more conservative communities in Canada more front row representation?

Whatever, it is not an attractive or promising appointment at all, even without Nazi skeletons in her family background.

Trudeau has now made several blunders or bad calls now, and I am finding myself thinking, despite his superficial charm, he is not proving an especially attractive or effective leader.

Although, it is easy to forget the horror he replaced, absolutely the darkest and most twisted political figure in Canada’s history, Stephen Harper.

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