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John Chuckman



“Trump’s ‘Reaffirming the Right of CIA to Decide Whom to Kill and Where’”

Well, that about does it for me with Trump. What a waste of time he has proved in people’s hope for change.

He is going to change nothing worth changing.

He is identical to Obama or Clinton when it comes to the things which really count, such as war and destruction. His only difference is in style and noise about things that don’t matter much.

Extrajudicial killing continues, and it remains in the hands of the unaccountable psychopaths running the CIA.

I could never have imagined such things when I was growing up in America.

It is beyond sickening.

So, with this, Trump effectively confirms that elections in America mean almost nothing.

He will go on ranting about the press and ranting about migrants – fairly trivial matters in the lives of most Americans – and everything else will be just the same as if Hillary Clinton had been elected.

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