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John Chuckman



“’We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.’ The statement is open ended, mildly confusing, and leaves a plethora of room for interpretation.”

Mildly confusing?

It’s unbelievably brainless and extremely confusing.

The simple scientific facts are these.

Populations in advanced countries do not have enough children to replace their existing populations.

Therefore, declines in size are the future without migration.

So, legal migration is a necessity everywhere in the advanced world.

And, if you want also to have a decent, ethical society, you must accept some of the world’s many refugees, too.

After all, America has signed binding international treaties to that end.

But America has an even bigger ethical obligation than most countries for the simple reason that its imperial wars have in fact caused so much of the up-rootedness and destruction we see in places such as Syria, Libya, Yemen, etc.

America is the single greatest manufacturer of refugees as well as dead bodies.

And so, America resembles the world’s horror state when it claims the right to go bombing and destroying in many lands and then says of the results, “It’s none of our concern.”

So far, Trump is proving a terrible disappointment.

He hasn’t ended any war. We don’t have even a hint of his trying to do so. Certain noises suggest he may even increase some. Yet he and his loyal followers rail on about refugees as though they came from another planet.



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