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John Chuckman



“… free from any views or opinions that do not fit the “progressive narrative”. ‘

Sorry, but you do persist in using the wrong words.

That should be “the establishment’s narrative” or “the official narrative.”

Progressive and establishment are not the same thing.

There is nothing “progressive” about Obama or The New York Times or the CIA or the Pentagon or indeed the Democratic Party or any of America’s major broadcasters or the Clintons or any of America’s massive corporations.

These are all elements with decided interests in maintaining a world empire with endless wars and invasions and coups. A world with immense Pentagon and CIA budgets. A world with immense intrusions into citizens’ privacy. A world of supporting such great injustices as Israel’s treatment of millions of Palestinians. A world of regarding Russia and China as opponents.

How does anyone regard “progressive” and “maintaining a world empire” as the same?

They really could not be more different.

That’s why America has virtually no liberals or progressives.

Everyone of any influence in America supports the empire.

No one, not even Bernie Sanders, speaks against all the wars and interference and security. The best you get is “I didn’t vote for that.”

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