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John Chuckman



“Israel threatens to destroy Syria’s air defence systems ‘without the slightest hesitation’”

Arrogance beyond belief.

Israel effectively claims the right to send fighter jets into Syria anytime it chooses.

And if Syria dares do what any country in the world would do – use its air defenses – Israel claims the right to destroy them.

Of course, the entire horror of Syria is a deliberately created event, staged to look like a genuine revolt, created by the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Turkey with lots of help from Britain and France.

Israel hates Assad and wants his legitimate and widely-supported government gone, and it would like a Syria left as a set of ruined rump states, much as Iraq after America’s Israel-inspired invasion there.

Israel is a country out of control. A kind of well-armed Mafia State threatening everyone within a thousand miles and making endless arbitrary demands of everyone.

We know, for instance, from the words of former Secretary of State Colin Powell that Israel’s nuclear arsenal is aimed at Iran, a country without nuclear weapons and a country which has attacked no one in its entire modern history.

And still Israel thinks Iran should be attacked and says so frequently.

Is it any wonder Iran would be concerned? That it would support the fight against subsidized terrorists in Syria and in Yemen?

Almost every horror and difficulty in the Middle East can be traced either directly to Israel’s acts or indirectly to its influence upon the United States and some of its allies.

The entire series of Neocon Wars, killing perhaps two million people, has been aimed at creating a cordon sanitaire around this state which absolutely refuses to live in peace or respect its neighbors’ rights.

It is almost hard to imagine how countries which helped create and nourish the rule of law as an important building block of civilization – Britain and the US – support a country which we see freely stealing from its neighbors regularly and attacking anyone it feels like attacking.

It is the civilized world upside down.

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