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John Chuckman



“Israel Won’t See Aid Cuts Under Trump Budget Plan: State Dept.”

Gee, I definitely remember during his campaign Trump musing about “Why can’t Israel pay for its own defense?” It was such a legitimate question.

It was one of several refreshing statements on foreign affairs and war – virtually never heard from American politicians – which convinced me he was what America and the world needed for a while, even though I couldn’t disagree more with the majority of his views.

Other early and encouraging statements included a suggestion to leave Syria for the Russians to end the terror and a complaint at Obama’s having the entire Mideast in flames. There was also an early promise of the United States being out of the nation-overturning business.

Well, now we see and hear something different on virtually every subject.

Military budget is to grow like it has cancer. Threats to Iran. Threats to North Korea. Provocative behavior towards China. Israel can have and do whatever it pleases. The good old thugs at CIA can just decide for themselves who it is they want to kill. Troops sent into Syria against the will of its government. Bombing in Yemen. No respite in Europe vis-a-vis Russia. New weapons in fact going to Europe.

Just a genuinely sickening picture in total.

The man is functioning just as we might have expected Hillary to function in almost every area of military activity and international affairs, the most important areas for reclaiming a free and decent society.

Complete deference to the military/ security/ corporate establishment with continued whining about the press and making an international laughing stock of American migrant and refugee policies.

And on top of it all, he has done next to nothing real on serious budget cuts and job creation.

He really has proven a colossal failure at quite an early stage.




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