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John Chuckman



Response to a comment asking why the FBI is not investigating Israel’s influence on US elections:

Yes, if ever there were an example of interference in elections and domestic politics on steroids, it is that of Israel in America.

It close to beggars belief that so massive a set of intrusions could not only be tolerated but happily supported by many important people.

Daily calls to American leaders. Regular personal access to them. Same for agencies and institutions of the government, as the Pentagon or NSA.

Obama opined to Sarkozy in an open-mic incident a few years back about the daily calls he had to take from Netanyahu. Both leaders were commiserating about the way you could believe absolutely nothing Netanyahu said but they still had to listen to him.

How about the way Netanyahu, not welcomed by the White House on the sensitive matter of Iran nuclear negotiations, shoved his way in to speak to Congress – an institution always receptive owing to the campaign donations of the Lobby and the influence of a greatly consolidated press – about what really were American matters? Essentially, he publicly insulted the elected President and grossly attempted to interfere in legislation dealing with American security and international affairs.

He did the same in France after the Charlie Hebdo murders. He was (deliberately, for security reasons) not invited to the parade in Paris but came anyway and literally pushed his way to the very front for the cameras. Afterwards, he went around the country meeting Jewish Frenchmen and telling them they should leave France and go to Israel!

The Israel Lobby so organized that it puts to shame the efforts of any other lobby. A systematic appraisal system for American legislators on their favorable efforts for Israel is maintained. Regular paid junkets to Israel for indoctrination are offered after every American election for newly elected members. Woe betide the Congressperson who declines.

We see the conversion of some in Congress to literal mouthpieces for Israel, as we see in someone such as Lindsey Graham, a man who, in view of his widely-rumored proclivities, was most likely sexually-compromised long ago by Mossad photographers in a “honey trap”.

Never mind RT, we see a virtual tidal wave of propaganda through Israeli-influenced newspapers and magazines and broadcasts. We only learned recently, for example, that every New York Times story having anything to do with Israel is voluntarily passed to the Official Israeli Censor for review before publication.

We have the creation of unfair laws in America governing Americans in their free associations and advocacy inside the United States owing to Lobby pressure. If you speak, for example, of an anti-Apartheid peaceful boycott in many parts of America, you can be in some trouble.

We see Israel’s ability to break many laws with no consequences, as when American-supplied weapons are used to attack people, something which violates supposedly strict American laws governing their use.

There are huge and well-known espionage efforts by Mossad in Washington. It is rarely discussed in the corporate press, but American intelligence, we know from various bits of information, spends immense efforts on counter-measures against a “friend and ally” whose espionage efforts exceed those of many large and important states.

There are bizarre spying anecdotes like the time an Israeli spy was caught crawling through an overhead air-conditioning duct to get a view of confidential information on an official’s desk.

And business deals, as when some accuse Trump and Russia? My God, we have hugely wealthy men who live in both places because they are allowed dual-citizenship, constantly transferring investments back and forth and knowledge of technology and other knowledge from America to Israel.

And that only scratches the surface.

If Russia were involved in a fraction of such things, there would be war.

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