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John Chuckman



“London needs a Muslim mayor now more than ever”

That is as silly as anything Trump might say, perhaps more so.

The truth is that London needs a mayor now more than ever, whatever his religious affiliation or racial origin.

Sadiq Khan – and it has nothing to with his identity – quickly proved himself a rather poor figure of mayor.

Right after election, he started making self-serving interviews and speeches having far more to do with his further political ambitions than anything about the city and what he can do for it.

Truly an ineffective and annoying “small time” politician with nothing of substance to offer London’s people.


Response to a reader who commented: “Islam is not a race, it’s a violent, 7th Century ideology.”

Well, you are wrong, as any educated person knows.

However, if one were to accept your characterization for whatever bizarre reason, then two conclusions follow immediately:

Conclusion One, Christianity is a violent, 1st Century ideology.

Need I remind of the immense record of violence in Christianity? It went on for centuries and, indeed, continues. Crusades for a couple of centuries, Inquisitions, Autos-de-fe, Reformation and Counter-reformation, Hundred Years War, the bloody “conversion” work in the New World, huge massacres like the St Bartholomew’s, papal wars, and on and on.

And never forget, Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini were all products of Christian churches.

Conclusion Two, Judaism is a violent, 5th Century BCE ideology.

Go read your Old Testament, especially the Pentateuch (aka Torah). There you find little beyond war, killing, rape, slavery, sparing no one, and extremely harsh rules to be imposed with severe punishments, to say nothing of the idea of stealing someone else’s home being blessed.

All religions are the same essentially because all people are the same. We really are violent chimps just dropped out of the trees, so to speak.

Saying there is anything especially bad, or good, about any religion is just plain ignorance.

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