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John Chuckman


“US-Led Coalition Destroyed Four Bridges, Interrupting Transportation in Raqqa”


Response to another reader’s comment about all this reflecting America/Israel’s goal of snatching and grabbing a piece of Syria, perhaps using the Kurds to do it.

Yes, of course, you are right.

The really disappointing thing here is that Trump has literally been paved over by the Pentagon and CIA.

It might as well be Hillary or Obama still making decisions.

But of course, in this sphere, Trump “making decisions” is only an illusion.

Just as it was an illusion for Obama.

American foreign policy – that really should be, American efforts to dominate the globe – is not determined by the elected President.

There have been many hints of that being the case in the past – Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon – but it seems to me that what we see now is clearer than ever.

An outsider, a strong-willed iconoclast, comes to office saying things like “Why are we hostile to Russia?” and “Why is the whole Middle East in flames?” and a few months later, we are back to where we were. Perhaps even worse than where we were.

Do elections at the highest level even matter in America?

I think not, except for relatively unimportant pet projects like building a silly wall.

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