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John Chuckman



“US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley stated that Washington needs to start putting pressure on Russia and Iran to bring Assad to justice”

Typical American idiot mouthpiece. I would have thought Trump could make a smarter choice, but he is pretty much captive in foreign affairs now to CIA-Pentagon dark figures.

Imagine the representative of a country which openly conducts an industrial-scale operation of making people “disappear” using kill-lists and junior Nazi-helpers at computer consoles playing computer games with live human beings, having the gall to open her mouth about the supposed misbehavior of anyone else?

But this is America, the genuine unvarnished reality, a greedy, murderous force in the world always reciting hypocritical slogans about the wrong-doing of others and its own purity of intent.

Bring to justice?

What about George Bush?

Dick Cheney?

Donald Rumsfeld?

Bill Clinton?

Barack Obama?

Together, in the long set of Neocon Wars and in the unwarranted War against Serbia, those American politicians killed at least 2 million people, created millions of refugees, destroyed several advancing societies, and generally caused a great deal of human misery.

Let’s not forget that murderous religious fraud, Tony Blair, too, a man who has used real human blood for his insane communions.

And then there’s always Netanyahu, always protected by America and inflicting misery everywhere he turns.

There is, of course, no justice or decency in the American empire’s affairs. Absolutely none. It is relentlessly brutal, vicious, and demanding.

But it is the pretense constantly maintained by various American flacks, like Nikki Haley (or her hideous predecessor, Samantha Power, who supposedly represented a more liberal-minded mass killer) that really is so stomach-churning for honest people. Their words are like advertisements from hell.

How can they go home at night and look at themselves in the mirror?

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