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John Chuckman



‘Last week, US UN Ambassador Nikki Haley made the preposterous claim that United States served as the “moral conscience” of the world, adding that she would strive to make the body an “effective tool” for promoting American values.’

Moral conscience of the world? America? That is beyond puke-worthy.

Imagine the representative of a country which openly conducts an industrial-scale operation of making people “disappear” using kill-lists and junior Nazi-helpers at computer consoles playing computer games with live human beings, having the gall to talk about moral conscience?

One is reminded of the priests and bishops of the Holy Inquisition, burning countless people alive while chanting scripture and thinking they were doing God’s dearest work. An ideologue can never see the pathetic limits of his or her ideology as it is applied to create the most appalling abuses, all while singing their own praises.

But this is America, the genuine unvarnished reality, a greedy, murderous force in the world always reciting hypocritical slogans about the wrong-doing of others and its own purity of intent.

Together, in the long set of Neocon Wars and in the unwarranted War against Serbia, American politicians killed at least 2 million people, created millions of refugees, destroyed several advancing societies, and generally caused a great deal of human misery.

In Vietnam, America slaughtered about 3 million people. In Cambodia, it was responsible for de-stabilizing a neutral government and causing the rise of the Khmer Rouge who proceeded to slaughter a million more.

In Indonesia, with the fall of Sukarno, mass slaughters began and were encouraged by the State Department. At least half a million a people had their throats cut and their bodies dumped into rivers by mobs. The State Department kept the phone lines busy through the night communicating lists of suspected communists to be fed to the slaughter.

In Rwanda, when the horror that was to kill about a million people started, America almost instantly knew about it. Bill Clinton and Madeleine Albright wanted no references made to it. They wanted official silence on the subject at the beginning for fear there would be pressure for American intervention, which of course might have saved countless lives. Real heroes, those two.

No, America’s precious armed forces have never been in the business of stopping evil since WWII. Indeed, quite the opposite is the case, they are in the business of creating it, creating it in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Syria, and still other places.

And America’s nonuniform army of psychopaths, sometimes called the CIA, has busied itself with scores of interventions into other people’s business, including fomenting coups against even democratic governments as in Iran, Guatemala, Chile, Ukraine, and other places. And, of course, it runs Obama’s industrial-scale program of extrajudicial killing of mere suspects in many lands.

So, in all the great and genuine genocides after WWII – not the kind of minor killings often today idiotically called genocides, but genuine huge slaughters intended to wipe out a whole class of people – the US has had a center-stage position.

There is, of course, no justice or decency in the American empire’s affairs. Absolutely none. It is relentlessly brutal, vicious, and demanding.

But it is the pretense by various American flacks, like Nikki Haley (or her hideous predecessor, Samantha Power, who supposedly represented a more liberal-minded mass killer) that really is so stomach-churning for honest people. Their words are like advertisements from hell.



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