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John Chuckman



“Jehovah’s Witnesses targeted as opposition to Russian Orthodox Church and, by extension, President Vladimir Putin’s efforts to unify population behind one religion”

You have it wrong.

It’s not about all being unified under one religion, although undoubtedly a great majority of Russians feel that way. Russian Orthodoxy has a powerful following after all the years of Soviet oppression.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses are a nuisance sect even in our own society.

Strangers come knocking at your front door, telling you in effect have it wrong in your religion and you are going to hell if you don’t change.

In Russia, they have to be concerned about the kind of terror and coup activity the US has employed in so many places, as in Ukraine.

We know the American establishment hates Russia – if for no other reason than it has the ability to obliterate America – and we know that cover organizations such as fake NGOs and George Soros’ outfits have been used by the CIA in their ongoing work of fomenting coups and disturbances.

Today, we see the fraudulent White Helmets still at work in Syria, and America fulsomely praising this branch of Al Qaeda whose real functions are cheap propaganda and dirty work. Recent photos of the White Helmets supposedly assisting victims of the gas attack at Idlib show men with gas masks but no protective gloves or total head cover. The phoniness of the photos is crushingly obvious. One pin-point of Sarin gas touching your skin guarantees death. The nerve agent is that powerful.

This is the kind of ugly world America’s boundless push for control has created for us all.

There is a genuine security concern under the circumstances, far more real than some of the “terror” threats we go on about in the West. Look at the way Britain foolishly deemed a man with a record of violent and unbalanced behavior as a terrorist, going on and on about nothing but a madman with a knife.

I’ll bet many of us would like to be free of crackpots such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses knocking at our doors, but we let them go on with their harassment because we feel no security threat from them. Given America’s obsessions, Russia has another point of view, and rightly so.


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